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Celebrate arts and culture in Placer County…from symphony to street performers, painters to sculptors, museums to festivals and everything in between!

Placer County’s vibrant arts scene is on display every day of the year.

Immerse yourself in concerts, symphony, dance, hip hop and poetry. Experience a sense of wonder and awe as you peek into artists’ private studios and absorb their creative inspiration during one of the half dozen annual open studios tours. Explore our storied past at our museums. Discover our many Galleries, featuring the best of local artists in every imaginable medium. Connect with artists as interactive art projects play a starring role at our fairs and festivals. Find the many public artworks that enrich our communities. You will certainly enjoy a unique experience! Take home a special piece of art – Placer County’s eclectic art offerings are sure to appeal to all!

From valley to mountains, breathe in the creative energy of the arts scene in Placer County

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Studios and Galleries