This museum was developed as an exhibition of Western North American ski history. Beginning with the California gold miners racing straight down the mountains at speeds of 80 mph on 14 foot “longboards,” western ski history is a fascinating part of western culture. Some exhibits include the Auburn Ski Club, Snowshoe Thompson, and the California Gold Camps and Longboard skiers.



  • Hours Seasonal (Winter); Friday - Sunday, 10:00 am - 4 pm
  • Address 19865 Boreal Ridge Road, Soda Springs, CA 95728
  • Phone 530-426-3313
  • Website Western SkiSport Museum
  • Best Feature Featured Exhibits showcase the history of western ski sports in the United States.
  • Seasonal
  • Auburn Ski Club
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Just down the road from the Boreal Mountain Resort.


  • Auburn Old Town Gallery

    Auburn Old Town Gallery

    Auburn, CA

    The Gallery features the works of nearly 60 local artists who explore a wide range of media.

    218 Washington St, Auburn, CA 95603
  • The Gold Rush Museum

    The Gold Rush Museum

    Auburn, CA

    Auburn’s sleek, newly updated Gold Rush museum reinterprets a 19th-century world for modern day families, who can pan for gold, delve into the mining experience, learn about long-ago settlers and pose for selfies, with a bag of hard-won loot. (San Jose Mercury News)

    601 Lincoln Way, Auburn, CA 95603
  • Auburn Symphony

    Auburn Symphony

    Auburn, CA

    Led by Peter Jaffe and supported by an amazing level of skilled musicians from the area, the orchestra provides live services and concerts.

    985 Lincoln Way, Auburn, CA, 95603