Struble Ranch

Our picking process insures you are getting the freshest and best quality fruit.

Since 1956 when our first Owari Satsuma Mandarin tree were planted, three generations of Strubles have farmed what are now 330 citrus trees. Our Mandarin trees are planted on a southern slope to gather optimal sunlight in the Fall, and to reduce any frost potential in the Winter. Our trees are grafted to a Cleopatra root stock, a hardier variety of citrus, which creates larger trees that can survive a cooler climate.


We grow and sell three different citrus crop varietals. Beginning with our signature Owari Satsuma Mandarins known for their exquisite taste and easy pealing.Weather dependent, we generally harvest mandarins from November till December. Our second harvest varietal consists of Clementines, a cross between mandarins and navel oranges, harvested from December though January. Our final harvest in February includes our delicious Navel Oranges.


We are not a certified Organic Farm, because we choose to feed the tree’s foliage with natural supplements of Zinc, Magnesium, and Iron. Also in late February, a balanced fertilizer is spread to feed the shallow roots and stimulate new growth.  Pesticides are NOT used on our trees. We irrigate on a 12 day rotation cycles during the summer months. The sweetness of the fruit depends on letting picked fruit set for a few days so that the starches turn to sugar, and the mandarins are ready for sale.

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A barn quilt is a colorful quilt pattern painted on a 4’ x 4’ piece of plywood and mounted to a barn or historical building.  In 2012, Jan Struble painted the ranches first barn quilt, Citrus Beauty, and with Jim’s help, it was hung on their 100 year old barn.  Later that year two more Barn Quilts were put on display at the ranch.   In 2013, Jan organized the Loomis Basin Barn Quilt Committee which has designed, painted, and publicized 15 barn quilts which now hang on several barns throughout the Loomis area.  The Barn Quilt Trail Map is available at the Struble Ranch giving the locations of the other local barn quilts.