Guthrie Tree Farm

Great place to get fresh cut Christmas Tree.

The Guthrie Tree Farm is officially open for Christmas tree business!  After years and years of planting, pruning and taking loving care of generations of Christmas trees, they are opened for business and selling the best Christmas trees in the mountains!


It’s also Christmas wreath time at Guthrie Tree Farm!  They gather the greenery and other natural components; greenery and cones from fir, pine, cedar and redwood trees and sprigs from other colorful plants.  They arrange the greenery on the wreath and place additional decorations.  All the work, including the beautiful bows, is done by hand.  No two wreaths are the same unless a buyer wishes matching wreaths.

  • Hours Daily, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
  • Dates Day after Thanksgiving-December 24. CLOSED DURING RAIN OR SNOW.
  • Address 29093 Ridge View Road, Foresthill, CA
  • Phone 530-367-3189
  • Website Guthrie Tree Farm
  • Great For Family Traditions with Memories.
  • Freshest Tree
  • Handmade Wreaths
  • Wreath Parties


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