Foresthill Bridge

Enjoy gorgeous panoramic views of the American River and decades of heartfelt inscriptions etched into the bridge’s paint.

The Foresthill Bridge spans across 2,428 feet over the stunning vistas of the American River’s North Fork and is reported to be the 3rd highest bridge in the United States and the tallest in California at 730 feet. As you walk across, read decades of homemade inscriptions made by passersby through the years, many of them a monument to past and present relationships.

A fun fact for movie buffs: the bridge was used in 2002’s xXx starring Vin Diesel. The film shows his character driving a stolen car off of the bridge and then jumping out of the car mid-air and parachuting down to the bottom of the American River Canyon! We don’t recommend trying this.

  • Address Foresthill Rd, Auburn, CA 95603