Robie Point FB Trail

This firebreak trail is wide, well maintained, and paved in some parts.

This firebreak trail is wide, well maintained, and paved in some parts.  It provides great views of the North Fork American River canyon.  Although the trail is steep at the southern end, it is otherwise fairly gentle and passes through three of the most common American River canyon ecosystems: foothill woodlands, riparian woodlands, and chaparral.  It can be hot in the summer since there is little shade, but it is ideal in the late afternoon or early evening for a hike or ride.

  • Distance 3.6 miles; but a variety of shorter options are available
  • Approx length of time 1½ hours each way (hiking)
  • Difficulty Easy to moderate
  • Website Robie Point FB Trail
  • Best Feature Just beyond the 1 mile point, evidence of the Auburn Dam construction project becomes visible on the opposite side of the canyon
  • Hiking
  • Biking
  • Equestrian

Trailhead North is on Hwy 49, southbound from Auburn ½ mile (on the right) or northbound from ASRA Park Headquarters ¼ mile (on the left), behind gate #130.  Caution:  cars coming downhill are hard to see on the curve.

Trailhead South is at Overlook Park behind the Gold Country Fairgrounds.  Take Hwy 49 and Lincoln Way north through Auburn to Auburn-Folsom Road, then past the fairgrounds and turn left on Pacific Ave.  Turn right after 0.5 mile into the large Overlook parking area.  After parking, walk back along Pacific Ave to trailhead (south) at a yellow-gated road that you passed just before entering parking area.