Poppy Boat/Hike-In Campground & McGuire Trail

This campground has 12 campsites.

Take your family to the wilderness for the weekend! Poppy Campground is located on the north west shore of French Meadows Reservoir in a large coniferous forest. This campground is found along McGuire Trail which is a short trail that offers scenic views of the French Meadows area and is easy enough to be enjoyed by the entire family. After the hike, be sure to relax and dip into the Reservoir’s cool, crisp water. Be aware that the campground is accessible by boat or trail only.

  • Hours No reservations; Open season, May - September
  • Address Mosquito Ridge Road 96, Foresthill, CA 95631
  • Phone 530-367-2224
  • Website Poppy Boat/Hike-In Campground
  • Best Feature Located directly on the waterfront
  • Walk-In/Boat-In
  • Waterfront
  • Elevation: 5,300 Feet

Directions from Foresthill: Travel 36 miles east on Mosquito Ridge Road and proceed to the campground. The campground is located on the northwest shore of the reservoir and is accessible only by boat or trail. It is approximately one mile from the McGuire parking lot to the campground.